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Guide for Choosing a Microchip Company2015-08-03T17:26:24-05:00

Choosing a Microchip Provider and a Microchip Registry are important decisions. The chip you purchase and install will be a lifelong identifier for the animal. It will need to perform on demand for the many situations animal and owner may face. Not just for loss or theft,  but for regulatory, travel, legal situations, medical care and much more.

Since 1989 we have been a industry leader. Our Guide below is just what you need.  An unbiased and straightforward Check List of what to look for and what to avoid.

Guide to Choosing a Microchip Company

What is an 840 USDA Microchip?2017-12-13T08:17:09-06:00

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) published a final rule in 2013 establishing regulations regarding the trackability of U.S. livestock moving interstate. The rule names specific methods of animal identification that are acceptable.

One of the permitted methods of identification is a 15 digit microchip that begins with the designated United States prefix 8-4-0 (ex. 840123456789012).  Only USDA approved companies are granted permission to manufacture the official 840 microchip.  Our microchips were submitted for testing and met all of the stringent requirements. Our microchip product, 840-ID, carries the official USDA 840 and comes in two needle sizes.

See it here – 840 ID.

Please call our office if you have questions about the 840 chips.

[See the Full USDA Rule here.]
What is the Mini Chip? *2017-12-13T08:17:37-06:00

Our Mini™ Chip is the original tiny chip and is like no other! Developed specifically for the pet industry, our Mini line of products have virtually transformed microchipping in pets. With excellent readability, the needle size reduction results in much less discomfort for the animal.

We combined the latest technology and our bio-compatible glass to build the highest quality chip on the market. Mini™ is half the size of our larger chip. Tiny but Mighty! Delivered with a state-of-the-art syringe and an ultra slim sharp needle. Learn More.   

The Mini Chip


Are your chips ISO Certified?2017-12-13T08:17:50-06:00

Microchip ID Systems, Inc. manufactures only Certified ISO microchips.  ISO refers to the ‘International Standards Organization’.
To be Certified as ISO, the chip must be manufactured as follows:
1)  Operate at a radio frequency of 134.2 kHz.
2)  Contain 15 digits, the first three of which are the unique assigned manufacturer ‘code’ . See note.
3)  Examples of our code: 965000000123456, 933000123456789

We also make a special ISO chip that has been approved by the USDA and the FDA for compliance within certain livestock industries. See the 840 ID Official Microchip.

* BEWARE:   Do not use microchips that begin with the NON unique ISO code of 900 (nine-zero-zero).  Over 70 companies (outside of the USA) have been issued these temporary ISO manufacturer codes.  It is nearly impossible to track an unregistered ‘900’ chip back to a manufacturer.

Can I save if I buy a Starter Kit? *2015-07-09T19:30:31-05:00

Yes! Customers love our Starter Kits! See them here!

What is the benefit of registering my pet’s microchip?2018-04-28T08:49:03-05:00

We proudly offer the very best services and live customer care to pet owners. (With no annual fees!)
Visit our top-rated registry – BuddyID.com – and learn more.  Modern, efficient and smart, with Real-Time Customer Care.

Go to Buddyid.com




Can all microchip scanners read your chips?2018-04-27T20:49:32-05:00

Our microchip products can be read by scanners around the world.  Any universal scanner and many scanners that are not universal can read Microchip ID Systems products.

Some brands of scanners that read all microchips from any company are:
Halo, Destron Fearing, HomeAgain, WorldScan, Datamars and Trovan

If you have any questions, give us a call at (800) 434-2843.

Where are your microchips manufactured?2015-07-09T20:14:24-05:00

A microchip is a unique set of components that are put together and housed in a tiny glass tube. Our microchip products are made using the best components from carefully selected suppliers around the world. They carry an exclusive 100% Lifetime Warranty.
Our bio-glass comes from Schott® in the United States.
Our transponder coil and capacitors are made in Switzerland.
Other components are made in the United States.
All products are packaged and produced in Louisiana.
Our chips are approved by the FDA for safety and by the USDA for official use in livestock.

Why choose Microchip ID Systems? ∗2015-08-03T21:57:20-05:00

We get it. There are lots of chip companies from which to choose.  However, as with any product that LOOKS similar to others, you must investigate what you can’t see. It makes all the difference!

Microchips are far from equal! Microchip ID Systems, Inc. has been in business for over 25 years. We innovate, we manufacture and we are hands-on. We stand behind everything we sell, say or do.

ISO Certified, AAHA Member Microchip Registry, Founder of the Equine Network, incorporated in the USA, on-staff veterinarian. The list goes on! Learn More About Us.

Does the AVMA have a position on microchips?2015-07-09T21:24:31-05:00

The American Veterinary Medical Association recommends a Certified ISO microchip for all species.
From AVMA.org:  “The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA), World Small Animal Veterinary Medical Association (WSAVA), and American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) endorse the use of electronic identification in animals and support the implementation of ISO standard 11784/11785 in the U.S.” Read entire article here.

Should I use ISO chips for pets?2018-04-27T18:09:09-05:00

The microchip world is moving to the ISO standard. We only manufacture the Certified ISO standard as it recognized worldwide and can be read by scanners in use across the USA. For international travel, your pet is required to have a 15 digit ISO microchip.

* Beware:  Do not use an ISO chip that begins with the first three digits of 900 (nine-zero-zero).  These are shared temporary ISO manufacturers who are not in the USA, making it is nearly impossible for a lost pet to be reunited with his owner, especially if the chip has not been registered.

Do you have FEI microchips for horses?*2018-10-18T07:36:14-05:00

YES!  Our EquineChips™ are FEI complaint and accepted worldwide for equine passports.  FEI requires a universal type of chip called ‘ISO’.
>  See the EquineChip
Plus…you can now check the chip in your horse at any time with our personal PocketHero™ reader.  Get yours today!

For everything horse – visit our Equine Website.