Buddy ID™ Mini Chip

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Buddy ID MiniChip™ ~ with Collar Tag!
The perfect choice for any pet!

Buddy ID ™ Mini Chip is recommended for all companion animals. Advanced technology and high quality components come together in one tiny microchip. Choose the popular ‘ISO’ version and save even more.

Mini Chip – Mini Needle.

 Sharp stainless steel needle – half the size of regular standard microchip needles.
Strong BioGlass by Schott®.
Sealed with a Parylene® coating to ensure stability and lifetime performance.
Six peel and stick numbered labels are included in each pouch.

Good to Know:  Add a Scanner and SAVE!  Order a Starter Kit
Choose the ISO Type and save even more!

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Should you choose Buddy ID or Pro ID Mini?Buddy ID Mini

Buddy ID™ comes with a bio-safe rubberized Collar Tag. We also include a high quality stainless split O ring to hang it on!

Buddy ID and Pro ID Mini are Mini Chips.
Buddy ID and Pro ID Mini come with Registry Cards.  So, its up to you!

Looking for Pre-Registered Buddy ID Chip?  All-In-One Registered Chip

Additional information

Type of Chip

ISO Certified -15 digits, 10 Digit Chip

Bio Compatible Glass

Made by Schott®

Anti Migration Coating

Smooth Parylene® coating seals the glass on all of our chips.


Stainless steel, extra sharp 15 gauge 'mini' needle.


Lifetime Warranty on Microchips.

EtO Sterilization Process

Unopened pouch guaranteed sterile for 5 years.

Recyclable Materials

Packaging, plastics, paper and needles | Recycle recommended.

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