• USDA 840 ID Microchip

USA 840 Official Microchip

$ 38.75$ 949.00

USA 840-ID Microchip. In two sizes!
As low as $6.50 per chip.

Officially approved by the USDA for manufacture and sale of this product.
Only certain microchip manufacturers have been approved by the USDA to produce the universal microchip carrying the United States 840 prefix.  Some requirements apply for use of the 840-ID chip. Call us – We can help!

Our 840-ID is a 15 digit ISO chip and can be read by any universal scanner. 
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Yes, you can register the ‘840’ chip in our Equine Registry for extra protection.
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Product Description

Currently the 840 ID chip can be used in all equines, alpaca, llama, elk, deer, goats and sheep. It can also be used in zoo animals requiring an ICVI or for other reasons. Here is an example of the format:  840123456000777.

Read more about the rules and regulations on the USDA websiteCall us with any questions. We have the answers! (800) 434-2843.

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Additional Information

Choose Needle Size

Mini Needle with MiniChip™, Standard Needle with Standard Chip

Bio Compatible Glass

Made by Schott®

Anti Migration Coating

Smooth Parylene® coating seals the glass on all of our chips.


Stainless steel, extra sharp 12 gauge needle., Stainless steel, extra sharp 15 gauge 'mini' needle.


Lifetime Warranty on Microchips.

EtO Sterilization Process

Unopened pouch guaranteed sterile for 5 years.

Recyclable Materials

Packaging, plastics, paper and needles | Recycle recommended.

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