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A Microchip Must Last a Lifetime.

Choose Wisely.  Microchip ID Systems™.

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25 Years of Experience

Knowledge trumps a sales pitch every time. Experience is a game changer. You can trust us.

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ISO Certified Manufacturer

Yes, it matters!  Not all microchips are the same. Manufacturing ethics make all the difference.

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Member of the AAHA Pet Microchip Lookup System. Free SearchALERTs™ for registered owners. 

The Modern Mini Chip™.  A Great Start!

Wow!  We love the Pro ID Mini Chip!”

From Microchip ID:  We know you do.  Thanks for loving our products!  ♥

“Unbelievable! The “Mini Chip” is so easy to insert ~ from the smallest kitten to the largest tomcat! This is a huge benefit for the animals. We could never go back to the 12 gauge needle!”
DORI, Dori's Darlings Cat Rescue
“WOW! I love using this chip. It goes in so easy! The pups didn’t mind at all. And, of course, this company is great to work with! Thanks as always, Microchip ID!”
PAT, Miniature Schnauzer Breeder
“We have been microchipping our Saint Bernards for over 10 years. The new mini chips are great! So much better to chip our puppies with such a small needle. Thanks Microchip ID!”

MIKE & DIANA, AKC Saint Bernard Breeders

Pop Quiz!

1. Which microchip company is the largest supplier to pet breeders in the USA?
2. Which microchip company makes the original Mini Chip™ for pets?
3. Which company refuses to sell substandard, cheap products that will fail?
4. Who gives you a lif