NEW!  Hero™ Advanced Microchip Reader (INTRO PRICE!)

Rated ‘BEST SCANNER’ by our veterinarians and customers. Universal, fast and easy to use. Instant Bluetooth®, gives Hero the power to scan a chip and instantly send it to your waiting Bluetooth device. No more typing or entering microchip numbers into your computer.

A Best Buy!  Choose a Carry Case
Hero™ is the advanced chip reader for everyone.  Well priced and built to do the job, Hero™ is uncomplicated yet full of features!

One-Touch Bluetooth®  Simple and Fast.
FCC Tested and Certified for safety.
Perfect size: 7 inches tall.
Bright viewing window – use any time of day.
Entire chip number displayed on one line.
Chip number stays in window for 15 minutes! (Yes, we get it.)
Universal Chip Reading *
Battery level icon in window.
Auto turn-off saves battery life.
Uses simple 9V battery (Included).

INCLUDED >>  Chip fob with built in ‘Test Chip’ and FREE Carry Case of your choice.

* Reads these types of chips:
All 9, 10 and 15 digit chips.
All ISO chips.
All Brands.
NOTE: Will not read discontinued AKC Trovan chips.