Save!  Order bulk Pre Paid Microchip Enrollments (5 or more) – Only $13.95 each!
[NOTE: This product does NOT include a microchip. Order chips HERE.]

Join the Equine Protection Registry with these easy-to-use cards and save! The EPR is the oldest and most respected ALL EQUINE microchip registry in the USA.

Over 25 years of experience is put to work at our Equine Division if you are ever separated from your horse. Well known by law enforcement and disaster teams, we have your back if horse theft, natural disaster, wildfire, hurricane, flood or even just a broken fence places your horse at risk.

Each order contains: 5 Pre Paid Lifetime Equine Enrollments.
Good to know:  Use Pre Paids for your own horses or share with friends who have microchipped horses. Any chip can be used with these versatile Pre Paid Enrollments.
All brands of microchips are accepted.
Registration is for life –  or as long as you own your horse.
 Ownership Certificate with Picture.
Free web account and Mobile Member Card.
 FREE nationwide SearchAlert™.
 FREE optional LifeTrac™ Service
• FREE ‘Documents To Go‘…store your ownership docs!