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SAVE with a Best Buy Starter Kit!
Yes, save on every item in each kit. The perfect choice to get started with the best microchips on the market!
All kits have 25 certified mini chips and a scanner.  Just choose what you want and save a bundle.

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Each Kits Includes:
•   25 microchips – Your choice of chip type
•   One Microchip reader – Your choice.
•   Test Chip Fob and Carry Case.
•   Instructions.
Good To Know: All Starter Kits come with the ISO type of chip only.  It’s the modern ‘best choice’.
Learn more about the Hero and PocketHero™ readers!

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Additional information

Bio Compatible Glass

Made by Schott®

Anti Migration Coating

Smooth Parylene® coating seals the glass on all of our chips.


Stainless steel extra sharp needles in two sizes – 12 gauge standard or 15 gauge Mini.


Lifetime Warranty on Microchips.

EtO Sterilization Process

Unopened pouch guaranteed sterile for 5 years.

Recyclable Materials

Packaging, plastics, paper and needles | Recycle recommended.